What sets us apart and what we have been known for for years is that much of what we serve in the restaurant is produced on our farm.


Our restaurant serves exclusively dried meat products that our family has traditionally prepared for decades, exclusively with natural ingredients and rich flavors of quality smoked and dried meat, seasoned with natural spices.

The main specialties of this house, for which we are widely known, are LAMB AND PORK. Young, always fresh and warm... you just have to see for yourself.

We offer over 50 types of grilled dishes, chicken, fish and house specialties that you will love.

Something new from 2023 is the bakery 'MB'. The smell of homemade bread and pastries is priceless. Fresh, crispy and warm buns, prosciutto and various types of bread made from our flour will complete your experience.

Salads are there to complete a meal. In addition to fresh salads, we offer homemade pickles, ajvar, sauerkraut, roasted peppers, all prepared in our kitchen.

For sweets lovers, our desserts are a special part of the story. Part of our kitchen is our patisserie, which is full of skilled hands and we prepare your favorite cakes and cookies every day.

Our pancakes are one of our guests' favorite desserts, and how could they not be, when they are prepared exclusively with homemade eggs, and served with homemade plum and apricot jam.